Join the Campaign

Saturate the Sound’s vision is to see healthy churches and pastors making disciples by reaching ever man, woman, and child, in the Greater Puget Sound with the gospel. So, how do we reach our communities and neighbors with the gospel when we all are living, working, and playing in isolation? The answer is, DIGITALLY!

We want to help equip you and your church to share the gospel digitally by joining the social media campaign that Reality LA started. Very simply, the initiative is to have Christians in every church around the country tell their Gospel story of how Jesus changed their life in 60-90 seconds. The format follows EXACTLY what we learned and practiced in our Saturate Cohorts: Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation.

Jesse Bradley, Outreach Lead for Saturate the Sound & Lead Pastor of Grace Community Church in Auburn, put together a video to encourage and equip pastors and ministry leaders to join this campaign and sharing the Gospel. Click the picture to Watch!


Teach Your Church to Share their Story

Imagine if every church involved in Saturate the Sound did this! We could have thousands of testimonies saturating the social media of the Puget Sound, and we could share the Gospel with every man, woman, and child even during this time of isolation. Please JOIN US in doing the #JesusChangedMyLife social media campaign this for this Easter!

Jesse also put together a video explanation for his church. In this video he invites his church to share how #JesusChangedMyLife and make disciples. He explains to his church how to participate in this online movement and share the Gospel digitally. Please use this as a resource or sample video for how you can explain it to your church congregations! Click the Picture to Watch!


Tools to Help Your Church Share their Story